A positive approach

Although KCBS is technically a firm of Chartered Accountants we never use these words. We take a positive approach to nurture long term relationships with clients, helping them grow and develop their businesses. We see ourselves more as business consulting accountants and advisers who provide positive business solutions.

KCBS is based in North London and serves businesses based throughout the Greater London area and the Home Counties. We have a core team spilt across three specialist areas:

Where we differ from many accountants is that don’t just produce yearly accounts and tax returns. We take the time to understand your business and use our experience to help you make change for the better.

Our policy is to be proactive in the way we help you build a healthier and more profitable business, so we won’t wait for you to contact us, we’ll be in touch with you if there is something that we think will be of benefit to you.

The KCBS approach is genuinely different. To arrange a meeting and find out for yourself how this can benefit your organization, please do contact us now.