Non domicial tax issues

Your 'domicile' is defined as the country that you consider to be your permanent home. If you are resident in the UK but consider that residence to be non-permanent and you have strong connections with another country - typically your birthplace or that of your father - you may claim to be Non Domicile in the UK.

'Non-doms' historically have enjoyed significant tax advantages when it comes to their non-UK income, gains and assets and through careful planning it has been possible to mitigate liabilities to income tax, CGT and IHT.

The 2008 Finance Act introduced some radical changes to the income and capital gains tax rules, however, and as a result "non-doms" with overseas income or assets (or who is a potential beneficiary of a non-resident trust) are more in need of informed professional advice than ever before.

KCAS are tax specialists and can help you ensure that you benefit from the generous provisions that are currently available. The sooner you seek advice from an experienced specialist, the greater the opportunities to ensure you make the choice that is right for you and your business.

KCAS provide initial explorative consultations, held at our offices, which are undertaken free of charge and overseen by one of our qualified Accountants.

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