Individual voluntary arrangement

  • An IVA is a flexible procedure that allows a debtor to agree with creditors to a scheme that provides a better recovery than bankruptcy under the circumstances.
  • An IVA has to involve either a composition (i.e. creditors receiving less than they are owed) or a scheme of arrangement (i.e. a rescheduling of the debtor/s liabilities).
  • The terms are binding on all creditors if the requisite majorities approve the terms at a meeting. In either case, creditors would need to be convinced that it offered a better outcome than a winding up to be prepared to approve it.
  • IVAs work well in situations because they are flexible and can be tailored to the particular circumstances.
  • In many cases however, particularly involving consumer debt where the restrictions placed upon a bankrupt are not regarded as onerous, many debtors prefer to enter into bankruptcy, which offers a shorter timescale to release from liabilities and lower future commitments.

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