Specialist sectors

Although KAS is a general practice with a wide and varied pool of knowledge and experience that can make a real difference to all types of business, we have over the years built up specific expertise and skills in a number of markets, industries and types of businesses including:

>> International
>> Property
>> Owner Managed Businesses
>> SMEs

All of these markets, industries and types of businesses present their own challenges and we’ve help 100’s of business owners in each sector overcome them and build thriving and successful businesses.
If your business could benefit from our committed approach then we’d be delighted to hear from you.
Our approach is genuinely different. To arrange a meeting and find out for yourself how this can benefit you contact KCAS today.

Tel: 44 (0)208 441 2000

E-mail: kas@kelmanson.com


Whether your business is looking to engage in international trade outside of the UK, or is looking to start trading within the UK, one thing remains the same

Investment and financial

As your accountants we aim to help you manage your personal finances in an integrated fashion so that all your financial strategies are pulling in the same direction.

Owner managed businesses

In our experience no two owner managed businesses are similar. Each one will have different goals, needs and strategies, be it growth, owner wealth maximisation or profitability.


Regardless of where your business is positioned in the property sector, all businesses from ground workers through to property management companies currently need sound and proactive financial advice.


As a small or medium sized enterprise you’re looking for more than just an accountant, you need a partner, an adviser, a mentor and friend.