Regardless of where your business is positioned in the property sector, all businesses from ground workers through to property management companies currently need sound and proactive financial advice.

The property sector makes up a large part of our business and the team at KCAS have extensive experience of advising all types of property business including:

  • Property developers
  • Property investors
  • Property management companies
  • Leaseholders
  • Building companies
  • Sub-contractors for the building industry
  • Ancillary services to the building industry e.g. repair and maintenance, lift installation, underpinning companies, etc
  • Professionals advising the property and building sector

The experience and technical ability of our team members at KCAS allows us to provide our property clients with a strong, comprehensive and efficient service approach including:

  • Tax mitigation on the sale and purchase of properties 
  • Finance raising
  • Specialist accounts e.g. service charges
  • Advice on building property portfolios
  • Broking of property transactions
  • Advice on sub-contractor arrangements
  • Advice on the construction industry
  • Tax administration

KCAS provide initial explorative consultations, held at our offices, which are undertaken free of charge and overseen by one of property experts.

Our approach is genuinely different. To arrange a meeting and find out for yourself how this can benefit you contact KCAS today.

Tel: 44 (0)208 441 2000