As a small or medium sized enterprise you’re looking for more than just an accountant, you need a partner, an adviser, a mentor and friend.

Yes you need someone to keep track of the finances in your business. You want your accounts to be comprehensive, reliable and objective. And you want them promptly, so that you can take timely decisions and plan ahead.

You’d like them presented in a straightforward way that allows you to make comparisons, assessments and predictions about your business.

You may also want input from a financial expert in your strategic planning and forecasting.

But any accountant can provide you with this.

Sometimes life as an SME can be lonely as well as challenging. That’s where our clients find that KAS really come into its own by providing them with all the “other” and “non-financial” support they and their businesses need to thrive and to grow.

KCAS provide initial explorative consultations, held at our offices, which are undertaken free of charge and overseen by one of our qualified Accountants.

Our approach is genuinely different. To arrange a meeting and find out for yourself how this can benefit you contact KCAS today.

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